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By giving an online donation you are providing essential funding for conservation initiatives throughout California that have been identified as needing the most support. The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation is a public benefit 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and donations are therefore tax-deductible. If you have questions about donating to the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions. If you have a question that isn't answered, you may contact us at CMSF@CaliforniaMSF.org.

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) serves an important niche in the statewide non-profit community. By partnering with the National Marine Sanctuary Program, the state of California’s Ocean Protection Council, and other ocean and coastal management agencies, we’re able to help facilitate their important work. As a fiscal sponsor, the Sanctuary Foundation is able to solicit funds from many sources and implement projects to aid in the understanding and protection of California’s coastal and ocean resources. Please consider a donation to provide essential funding for these important conservation initiatives:

  • Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
    The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is our nation’s largest national marine sanctuary, stretching from Marin County, north of San Francisco to San Luis Obispo County, encompassing 275 miles of coastline.

Donate to the MBNMS

  • Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
    The Channel Islands are an area of exceptional natural beauty and resources off the coast of southern California, encompassing nearly 1,500 square miles of water surrounding the islands of Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara.

Donate to the CINMS

  • California’s Statewide Network of Marine Protected Areas
    California is the first state in the nation to establish a network of MPAs – similar to national parks, forests and wilderness areas on land – to protect and restore ocean habitats and increase the health, productivity and resilience of ocean ecosystems.

Donate to the Statewide MPAs

Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber Fund

Monterey Bay has become a premier diving destination, offering some of the most beautiful and pristine diving areas in the country. The City of Pacific Grove, on the Monterey Peninsula, has provided medical treatment to injured divers with its hyperbaric chamber since 1966. While the City of Pacific Grove provides for many of the chamber’s operation needs, the facility needs additional fiscal support to continue to offer these important medical treatments. Please consider a donation to aid this much needed, important resource for the local dive community.

Donate to the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber Fund

Reprinted with permission by Monterey County Weekly, 2013. Photo by Nic Coury. All rights reserved.

Help Give Sea Otters and Seals A Break! Support Team Ocean and Bay Net

Monterey Bay is a nature lover’s paradise where wildlife is plentiful and easily seen. However, many visitors here are unaware that close encounters with sensitive wildlife, such as seals and sea otters cause big problems for the animals. Continual disturbance disrupts critical daily activities such as resting, eating, caring for young or grooming and can severely impact their overall health. That’s where knowledgeable and passionate Team OCEAN and Bay Net Shoreline volunteers play a key role -- in fostering understanding and appreciation of the marine sanctuary, promoting respectful wildlife viewing and protecting marine mammals from human disturbance. You can give these animals the break they deserve by supporting these important volunteer efforts!

Donate to the Team Ocean and Bay Net Shoreline Naturalist Programs

Sea Otter grooming

Peter Douglas Coastal Fellowship Fund

Peter Douglas spent 41 years in service to the California Coast as the California Coastal Commission’s longest-serving Executive Director. He has left a great legacy to the current and future generations of Californians who can enjoy and appreciate the coast while remembering that "the coast is never saved; it's always being saved."

As a tribute to Peter’s service to the California Coastal Commission, state of California, and his commitment to environmental stewardship, a fellowship fund has been set up in his honor. Funds will be used to place a diverse group of talented individuals in mentored fellowships at the California Coastal Commission.

Learn more about Mr. Douglas and donate to this fund

Support Our Work
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
California MPA Network
Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber Fund
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Peter Douglas Coastal Fellowship Fund
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