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Projects and Partners

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation supports research, education and resource protection initiatives and work with a variety of partners to educate the public about the extraordinary environment and resources of the California coast.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

  • Scientific Research and Monitoring (SIMoN)
    SIMoN provides resource managers with the information needed for effective decision-making and promotes an unparalleled basic understanding of the complex and unique marine processes within the California Current ecosystem.

  • Water Quality
    Significant energy and focus is applied to addressing the land-sea connections impacting coastal water quality. Integrated regional water management programs, citizen watershed monitoring programs and collaborations with the agricultural community, cities and local municipalities are all components of this strategic priority.

  • Sanctuary Exploration Center
    Through unique and interactive exhibits, the Sanctuary Exploration Center helps guests understand the interconnectedness of the sea life, the impacts of land-based human activity, and the uniqueness of the sanctuary’s marine habitat. The ultimate goal is to have visitors come in the door with a curiousity about the ocean and go out the door as wise ocean stewards.

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

  • OCTOS (Outreach Center for Teaching Ocean Science)
    OCTOS joins together the educational resources and outreach programs of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) and UCSB's Marine Science Institute (MSI) through state-of-the art exhibits and compelling, interactive programming to highlight the important role oceans play on our planet.

  • Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas
    From 2003 through 2007, the state of California and NOAA established thirteen marine reserves and conservation areas within the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, located around the four northern Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Island. Beginning in 2012, thirty-six additional marine protected areas were designated by the State of California in southern California, from Point Conception to the Mexico border.r planet.

  • Channel Islands Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
    Channel Islands volunteers are an integral part of the sanctuary and park’s education and outreach programs, providing information about the unique resources found within the sanctuary and park to thousands of area residents, visitors, and school children annually.

Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Marine Protectd Areas and the California Marine Life Protection Act
    California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) serves a crucial niche for California’s MPAs. Beginning in 2007, the CMSF launched the MPA Education and Outreach Initiative, a consortium of dozens of organizations developing products and programs to enhance MPA education and outreach in California.


Scientific Research & Monitoring (SIMoN)
Water Quality
Sanctuary Exploration Center
Marine Protected Areas and the California Marine Life Protection Act

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