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About the Foundation

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation serves an important niche in the California nonprofit community. By partnering with the National Marine Sanctuary Program, the state of California’s Ocean Protection Council, and other ocean and coastal management agencies, we’re able to help facilitate their important work. As a fiscal sponsor, the Sanctuary Foundation is able to solicit funds from many sources and implement projects to aid in the understanding and protection of California’s coastal and ocean resources.

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) was established in 1995 focused on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Recently the organization has expanded to support the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and California’s statewide network of marine protected areas. The Sanctuary Foundation focuses its efforts on community outreach, education, research, and resource protection for conserving and protecting the extraordinary environment and resources of the marine sanctuaries, reserves and other marine protected areas in California, coastal and undersea equivalents to our nation’s parks, forests, and wilderness areas.

The Sanctuary Foundation’s successes may be attributed to the private/public partnership link it provides and a strict policy to maintain a very high ratio of program expenses to management, administration, and fundraising fees. One major difference between the Sanctuary Foundation and the many other valuable nonprofit groups involved in ocean conservation is their broad reach and collaborative approach. We have consistently been involved in combining the efforts of multiple groups to ensure more unity in the programs, better integration of information, more efficient use of the funds available, and greater impacts throughout the state.

The Board of Directors is active in the foundation’s planning processes. The Board of Directors developed a Strategic Plan and the Board manages the foundation following this plan. This plan is informed by and aligned with priorities laid out in the following regional and national reports:

About the Foundation
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We believe in the value of partnering with public agencies to complement and augment their work.

The Foundation is organized to solicit and accept tax-advantaged gifts, grants and donations consistent with the mission of the organization.

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